Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ayat Ayat Cinta - Verses of Love

ayat ayat cinta movie

Synopsis (with info from Ayat Ayat Cinta site).
Ayat Ayat Cinta is an Indonesian mellodrama movie but with a lil twists where Islamic virtues are protrayed in this love story. This movie revolves areound the virtuous Muslim protagonist who overcomes all obstacles of life maintaining pure ideals.

Fahri bin Abdillah (Fedi Nurli) is a poor, intelligent student who wins a scholarship to complete his graduate degree at Egypt's esteemed Al Azhar University. Very disciplined and dedicated by nature, Fahri embraces his life in Cairo, completing his studies and translation of religious books with full enthusiasm, exactly according to pre-determined targets.

He has another target too - that is to get married. But this becomes slightly difficult as he mentions that his religion doesn't allow dating. And even more so when there are so many girls who are sworn over by him.

The most distinctive - Maria Girgis (Carissa Putri), an open-minded Christian neighbour who is attracted to the teachings of the Holy Al Quran.

Then there is Nurul and Noura, but he eventually married the rich daughter - German Turkish, Aisha (Rianti Cartwright).

Things begin to get complicated when he marries Aisha with cases like he going to jail, court proceedings and more.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you would like to see and learn the positive side of Islam through a movie. This movie imparts knowledge on reasons for Islamic values (eg on polygamy, handling situations in times of uncertainty, and many more) - giving a better idea and maybe even clearing the mind on the often misunderstood religion.

Also, this movie is uniquely set in Cairo with quite breathtaking views.

Why Not
The never ending twist & turns in the movie - a lil too many towards the end. The movie could have ended at certain points, but to allow more drama, the ending became prolonged.

Conclusion & Movie Rating
This movie is worth the money for those interested in Asian cinema and Indonesian films, despite its poor ending.

3 stars.

Apparently, this movie is based by best-selling novel with the same title by Habiburrahman El. Shirazy.