Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sex And The City

sex and the city

Synopsis (with info from Sex And The City Movie).
Based on the popular 6 episodes TV series of the same name, this movie stars fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker as the successful author, Carrie Bradshaw. She's living in New York City with 2 of her girl friends - the happily married Charlotte (Kristin Davis) & workaholic lawyer Miranda (Cynthia Nixon). Her other friend, Samantha (Kim Cattrall) lives in LA with her actor boyfriend, Jason Lewis (Smith Jerrod) where she is his manager.

The movie is narrated by Carrie herself and is about her & her friends love stories (the getting in love - getting out of love). The highlight is the marriage-to-be of Carrie with Mr Big (Chris Noth) which just got 'big to bigger'.

There is lots of twists & turns in this love drama, showing how the lives of 4 friends of 40 year olds (& decently rich) living in New York city (Samantha flys to see them often).

Academy Award winner, Jeniffer Hudson plays Louise, the personal assistant of Carrie.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you are in love with the series, this is like a TV drama on big screen. Or if you would like to see a glimpse of a New Yorker (not sure if it's real enough) or you are a fan of New York itself. Of course, you'll need to like love drama movies.

Why Not
It's just too mushy and draggy. It feels like paying to watch the TV series on silver screen. And the storyline is just a showcase of their lifestyle - you are like sitting aside and seeing them in their everyday lives. There's not much build up apart from the wedding-to-be, which was okay. But after that, the film just continues to drag and though it does serve a purpose to show of a get-back of love, but for movie-wise, it becomes boring.

Conclusion & Movie Rating
2.5 stars for such a highly anticipated movie. If this movie is without the series backing, it most probably will flop in theaters along with other love movies.