Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Money No Enough 2

Money No Enough 2

Remember the big blockbuster from Singapore - Money No Enough? Well, it's back!

Set in modern day Singapore, 3 adult brothers lead their lives in a cash driven society.

Eldest brother, Yang Bao Hui (Henry Thia) is the responsible, caring but not rich and 'blur'.

Second brother, Yang Bao Qiang (Jack Neo) is the successful businessman making monies from real estate. However, he is a big gambler in his business & take huge risks, plus he has a selfish wife.

Third brother, Yang Bao Huang (Mark Lee) is also a rather successful businessman, who has just started to taste some success. Problem is his business thrives on 'bad people' both from his suppliers & customers. And he doesn't treat his wife well.

The three brothers are united by their aging mother who loves her children very much.

As the title goes, its about money - from having it, to not, and overcoming it.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
Because it's down to earth and full of reality. Nearly everyone can 'feel' for the characters in the movie if you are from Singapore, or even if in Malaysia. Either you are in the situation or you know someone close in it.

You get to see the real life of Singaporeans - from living in HDB flats and even in big bungalows. It is really very Singaporean (and the reason why many 'heartlanders' love Jack Neo's movies).

For fans of Singapore's acclaimed director, Jack Neo, well this movie is close to his signature styles of very local content. And interestingly, it's good to see talented Mark Lee playing the slightly less Ah Beng here.

Why Not
This movie is too real, and to one big extend is too 'dark'. If you expect this to be a comedy where you are to laugh your hearts out, be warned for it's most likely to give you the opposite effects.

And the selfish needs of people are shown here, much to which is overdone, though not necessarily unreal.

Conclusion & Rating
If you can get the perception that this is not really a full comedy (but yet with some jokes & humour in between... and lots of sad depressing moments), then this movie can be worth watching.

Money No Enough 2 Trailer

3 stars.

*It opens in Malaysia 28.8.08

Friday, August 1, 2008

The X Files - I Want To Believe: Movie Review

The X Files: I Want To Believe.

the x files movie

What do you do with a successful TV series, seen globally? Come out with a movie of course. But the X Files have already done that in their first movie in 1998. With such success, a continuation is obvious.

The winning team of proucers, directors & writers come again together to create this 2nd feature film of The X Files - I Want To Believe. A new story with a winning team & catchy music score.

Here, an agent is abducted and the FBI seems to be a lil lost and hence needs the help of Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) & Mox Fulder (David Duchovny) who were now retired agents and pursuing their own lives.

However like it or not, they find themselves getting very much involved in this case of a series of girl abductions.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you like the mystery that evolves around the X Files (ie a fan of the TV series). This fiction movie stays quite close to its TV series of unsolved mysteries, up to the very last end.

For those who like movies which have some thought process, then this one is a good watch, as the case evolves each time with more clues.

Why Not
Somehow, a FBI movie seems a lil more suitable for the TV, especially when it is very close to the original TV series itself - only difference longer time & with a much more 'matured' agents.

Conclusion & Movie Rating
A superb movie for the thinking souls, that is if you don't mind the lil TV like drama. The rather catchy tagline lives up to its status.

The X Files Trailer

3.5 stars.

*Want to read the David's or producer Frank's blog? Read it on The X Files Official Site.

Batman: The Dark Knight Movie Review

batman, the dark knight movie

Synopsis (with some info from Warnerbros Batman).
The Dark Knight is another movie series of the successful DC comics of the action hero, Batman.

One on hand, there is Batman (Christian Bale), who together with the help of Liutenent Jim Gordon & District Attorney Harvey Dent, who plans to make a crime free city. However, on the other end is Batman's old faithful, enemy, the Joker (Heath Ledger), a rather crazy character who 'is not so serious' and likes to create havoc & trouble, for the sake of pure fun.

batman, the dark knight joker

The battle between the 2 builds up with both sides seems at times to be winning only to loose it in the end.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you are a Batman fan, you would most likely have watched this movie. Even non fans will be quite pleasantly surprised that this movie has turned out to be one of the better Batman movies of all time.

But the real winner here is not Batman , but the Batman villain - who else, but the Joker, or for that matter - the award nominee Heath Ledger. His superb acting as the crazy & care-fee Joker steals the show, and truly Batman is more like in the dark shadows than being the Dark Knight.

From the crazy laughs to when he gets real serious, the late Heath acted like a true talent.

Hong Kong is also a winner here in a way when Batmand does a 'stopover' to the Chinese city.

batman, the dark knight vehicle

As for gadgets wise, this Batmans has a fair bit, especially on his Batman suit & also the Batman vehicle - a rather futuristic motorbike that only superheroes use.

Why Not
The only setback in the movie is that as the many other super heroes, it is a lil fictional that the authorities don't know who Batman is. And in this Batman movie, the Dark Knight seems to have a weird computerised voice (did the other movies have it?).

Conclusion & Movie Rating

batman the dark knight joker

From 1960s to today, the Batman has reformed itself. If you are into action packed movies, a dose of fiction (or a lot depending on how you see it), like good acting and love Hollywood blockbusters, then head to the theaters now.

4 stars.