Friday, August 1, 2008

The X Files - I Want To Believe: Movie Review

The X Files: I Want To Believe.

the x files movie

What do you do with a successful TV series, seen globally? Come out with a movie of course. But the X Files have already done that in their first movie in 1998. With such success, a continuation is obvious.

The winning team of proucers, directors & writers come again together to create this 2nd feature film of The X Files - I Want To Believe. A new story with a winning team & catchy music score.

Here, an agent is abducted and the FBI seems to be a lil lost and hence needs the help of Agent Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) & Mox Fulder (David Duchovny) who were now retired agents and pursuing their own lives.

However like it or not, they find themselves getting very much involved in this case of a series of girl abductions.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you like the mystery that evolves around the X Files (ie a fan of the TV series). This fiction movie stays quite close to its TV series of unsolved mysteries, up to the very last end.

For those who like movies which have some thought process, then this one is a good watch, as the case evolves each time with more clues.

Why Not
Somehow, a FBI movie seems a lil more suitable for the TV, especially when it is very close to the original TV series itself - only difference longer time & with a much more 'matured' agents.

Conclusion & Movie Rating
A superb movie for the thinking souls, that is if you don't mind the lil TV like drama. The rather catchy tagline lives up to its status.

The X Files Trailer

3.5 stars.

*Want to read the David's or producer Frank's blog? Read it on The X Files Official Site.


Mariposa said...

Hiya QC,

Did you wait till the credits ended? There was something at the end ;)

QuaChee said...

oh was there? guess i missed it. was the ending good? :)

Mariposa said...

After the credits, they showed Mulder & Scully on a boat in the middle of the ocean, and they were waving goodbye to the screen. lol I guess that really closed the chapter of X-Files. My sister hated the movie, but I thought it was not too bad. I guess she expected the conventional X-Files with aliens and what not...I kinda liked it that they kept it light.

QuaChee said...

oh that one, yes i did watch haha. quite funny heh.

and ya, i liked it too because it was lighter and not so 'hanging' in a way.. but i guess, the die-hard fans might prefer more twists & turns - to believe haha

Mockingbird said...

i'm planning to watch this one. i like the first X-Files movie from 1998 :)

Mariposa said...

yeah it was nice. but it does make you think after the movie you know..i don't want to give it away to others who haven't watched it yet i shall keep my questions to myself. hehe.

Oh yeah mockingbird, don't keep your expectations so high, it's really not that complicated =P

Mockingbird said...

To Mariposa: Actually, i like simple and straight-forward stories. In fact, i hate complicated stories which i have difficulties following. When i watch a movie, i want to be entertained without having to use my brain too much :)

Mariposa said...

Hi Mockingbird: Then you should go watch it..just hope it doesn't bore you to tears ;)