Monday, April 21, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom

forbidden kingdom movie poster

This English script, comedy-fiction of Forbidden Kingdom movie sees an American teenager, Jason (Michael Angarano - Will And Grace, Lords of Dogtown, Seabiscuit), who loves kung fu fighting being transported into ancient world China.

His mission - to free the Monkey King from the spell of the evil Jade Warlord. The Monkey King was cast into a statue and will only be freed with the weapon held by Jason.

forbidden kingdom, jet li, jackie chan

Jason is lucky as he is helped first by Lu Yan (Jackie Chan - Drunken Master, Rush Hour) and also an orphan girl by the name Golden Sparrow (Yifei Lui). They were later joined with the Silent Monk (Jet Li - Fearless, The One, Once Upon A Time In China).

forbidden kingdom, jackie chan

Jackie Chan

forbidden kingdom, jet li
Jet Li

The movie shows the journey and bond of friendship of the 4 different characters - the drunken happy-go-lucky Lu Yan who were most times at loggerheads with the Silent Monk. And to help himself, Jason went to learn kung fu by the two masters with different techniques.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you are a kung fu fan, this movie is one of the must watch of all times - where 2 kung fu movie legends battle it out. It's the first time both Jet Li and Jackie Chan battle on screen.

It of course also shows the comedy hero Jacky Chan in a lil different drunken role, but still funny vs the on screen serious Jet Li.

battle scene, forbidden kingdom, jackie chan, jet li

More - the action choreography is done by Wo Ping who also did for The Matrix and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Chinese and Hong Kong movie buffs will also enjoy this film as it has a little bit of Chinese influence, despite this being an international English movie.

Why Not
Though not fully a slapstick comedy, the storyline is rather lame and at times a lil too fictitious. Some may also find the jokes may be a lil silly at times too.

The CGI effects are also not too inspiring as to what we've seen around nowadays.

And if you expected much more action between the 2 kung fu legends, one may leave a lil dissapointed as there is only one scene between them. If they played a good and evil, then that may be better.

Conclusion & Movie Rating
If you are a fan of Hong Kong/ Chinese movies style or a fan of Jackie Chan or Jet Li, or even a kung fu fan, then go watch this - you'll definitely enjoy it.

Or if you put a lower expectation, then this maybe a good watch. Just don't hope too much.

Otherwise, there are other better movies around.

3 stars.