Monday, April 21, 2008

Escape From Huang Shi

children of huang shi movie

This movie apparently has 2 titles - another which is called Children of Huang Shi.

This true story is a sweeping but intimate story set against war-torn China during the Japanese occupation in the late 1930’s. The film revolves around an English war journalist George Hogg (by Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers), an American doctor-nurse Lee Pearson (by Australian actress Radha Mitchell) and the leader of a Chinese partisan group 'Jack' Chen (by Hong Kong actor Chow Yun Fat).

george hogg, escape from huang shi

George, trapped in China met 'Jack' Chen who helped and saved his life. Along the way, he also meets and falls in love with Lee Pearson. She apparently is also attracted to 'Jack', though the love story is not much of the highlight.

children of huang shi, lee pearson, jack chen

He together with Lee and also 'Jack' helped bring together and save a school of orphaned children, leading them on an extraordinary and ambitious journey for months across hundreds of miles of treacherous terrain, through snow-covered mountains and an unforgiving desert.

Along the way they discover the true meaning of love, responsibility and courage.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
Set in olden day China, the remake scene of Shanghai is awesome and full of grandeur. It was very real, even so the Japanese Headquarters. The sceneries across the Silk Road is another eye soothing experience.

Plot wise, this heart-warming true story is inspiring as it shows how the West & East work together for a common vision - that is to help the children. Without any experience, the journalist managed to groom the children to farming and learning English.

The war scenes are very real and shows what China went through during that period. Hisotry if learnt this way would be much more interesting and fun.

Fans of Chinese actor, Chow Yun Fat will be quite happy with his rather comfortable English now as well. Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Radha Mitchell played their roles well as well, especially Jon for soaking into his role from first terrified and scared to later a hero to the children.

Why Not
If you are a big fan of the actress who made a big star in Hong Kong and one of the most famous Bond girls, Michelle Yeoh, you'll be quite disappointed. Playing the role of a rich opium merchant, Madame Wang, her role in this movie was rather small. Clearly, the stars were the other three.

children of huang shi, michelle yeoh

Conclusion & Movie Rating
This production is worth every cent if you are keen to be inspired yet have an enjoyable watch.

4.5 stars

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