Friday, February 1, 2008

Mad Money

A stellar cast of Diane Keaton, Queen Latifah & Katie Holmes sure sets this movie in the right mood.

Diane plays Bridget, the wife of her out-of-job corporate husband, who found themselves staring blank with bills to settle. Not wanting to give up, she applied and got a job as a janitor - yes, the once rich housewife working as a janitor in the Federal Reserve Bank at Kansas City.

Because of the need of more cash, she tempted to steal, where she formed an 'alliance' with Nina (Queen Latifah)and Jackie (Katie Holmes). Their easy money & not getting caught got them to want for more, especially the greedy Bridget.

However, their soon accumulated wealth got the officials wondering where the monies were coming from, which got them into a frenzy.

This movie is acted very well by Diane who after all these years still have the star power. She played her role superbly - both as the rich wife, and the unglamorous janitor. And of course, not to mention, the ever magnetic Queen Latifah, who played her mama role. The beautiful Tom Cruise's wife, Katie adds to this powerful line up, acting as a blur young & naive girl.

A light hearted movie for everyone :)