Sunday, February 3, 2008


All I can remember on this movie is a group of friends who are so silly to follow the lead to save his girlfriend from monsters. Along the way, they die one by one, but are not affected, and just continue with his mission.

One of his friends is the 'cameraman'. He can't stop holding the camera and keep on talking nonsense, which is very irritating, and doesn't add any value to the show at all - except how silly this show is. The movie is shown from his camera - bluriness and all.

If the producers/ director wanted this movie to be real, then make it from someone's view (from his eyes), rather than someone carrying a video camera everywhere even in times of danger, and to die because of that.

The poster is way too good for this movie. They obviously have good marketing here, but it's really is style without substance. Even giving tomatoes (rotten) would be too kind.