Thursday, February 21, 2008


Hong Kong actor - director, Stephen Chow is back after his successful movie - Kung Fu Hustle. This movie sees him both directing & acting. He playes, Ti, a poor construction worker who struggles financially because he sends his son to a private school. His love for his son is strong and he instills good life values to him, despite them being poor - as his philosophy in live is.

His son, Dicky, can't seem to fit well in the school because of his background of being poor. He is often bullied by both his friends & even the teachers.

One day, his dad brought a 'toy' he found at the garbage area - and it turned out to be an alien dog. Named as CJ7, it becomes Dicky's best friend, and although not helping him in less important things that Dicky wanted, but helped in more important situations.

This movie shows the strong bond of a father-son relationship, and how often young children may say things they do not mean, only to realise (& regret later). Chow also instills the value to human beings - integrity and not about one's status. The relationship between CJ7 & Dicky also shows the deepness of a friendship.

This movie is a heart warming story that may divert from Chow's previous all laughter movie, and some may not be used to it, especially if there are sad scenes during Chinese New Year! But, despite that, it is still a good effort & a thumbs up for Hong Kong films - in terms of movie direction, moving away from its slapstick comedies. The big budget Columbia Pictures gives the weight to the movie as well, with good CG effects - and of course its wonderful marketing plan, as Chow says.

It also goes well with Xu Jiao's acting skills - a girl playing the boy role as Dicky.

Is the CJ7 character similar to Chicken Little?
Maybe a lil, but to me, it's still quite distinct. Yes, maybe the big fluffy head, but CJ7 is more dog like than chicken :)

CJ7 & its pal, Dicky.

The famous lil chicken, Chicken Little.