Thursday, March 20, 2008

August Rush

august rush movie poster
First, before you guys say that this movie is a bit old for a cinema review (as the DVD is already out), well this is because the movie is only making its rounds here in Singapore now :)

The Plot
This Academy Award nominee is about a young boy who is in an orphan's home, and has not seen since his parents since birth. However, Evan Taylor (Freddie Highmore) seems to knows that his parents are alive somewhere and can connect with them by listening to the music around him.

There is flashback in between showing how his parents were connected, and are musicians themselves. It starts with the parents first meeting each other and knowing one another, before a turn of events see them being seperated, before the baby was born. And their child was given away without even the mum (Keri Russell) knowing about it - a move done by her dad - making her believe that the child died at birth.

august rush movie, Keri Russell,Johnathan Rhys Meyers
However, she has always imagined of her son and hence the flashback continues on nearer and nearer and finally seeing the present lives of all 3 - father (Johnathan Rhys Meyers), mother and son.

The son in the meantime is in his own journey - running from the orphanage's home into big busy and bustling city of New York. He face challenges of making new friends and then running away from them as they are to cheat his money, and finally ending up in a church where he gets to be schooled for music. His talent is so great that he has his very own concert!

Why You Should Watch This Movie
If you are into dreams come true, this movie is a good fairytale story. This movie also has a good happy ending - a must for some movie goers.
Most of all, if you are into music, this movie will definitely touch your heart - from learning how to experience music, be inspired like the lil boy does, and simply get connected to it and through it.

The music scores are great as well (is also nominated in the Oscar Awards for Best Song).

Conclusion & Overall Rating
A good movie for a laidback time, especially on a stressful day. Besides it does have a feel good theme to it.

3.5 stars.