Monday, March 17, 2008

10000 BC

10000 BC is an epic movie of prehistoric days. The director known for his use of visual effects (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow), Roland Emmerich once again uses stunning visual effects in the movie.

The Plot
The film follows D'Leh (Steven Strait), a young mammoth hunter who is the son of a hunter that abandoned the village. He grows up rather lonely as his friends do not want to mix with him, except for Evolet (Camilla Belle). The village lives mainly through hunting, and no farming.

Hence when a mammoth herd was to come, the men hunters were to kill it for food & survival. D'Leh did this though his fight was a mere coincidence, as he couldn't let go from the net actually. Hence, although he was given recognition for his bravery, he declined it later.

Later, the village was ambushed and kidnapped many of his tribe mates and Evolet to be used as slaves. The journey then begins with D'Leh with the help of Tic Tic (Cliff Curtis) following the signs to save and rescue Evolet plus their tribe mates. He goes into a world beyond his, learning about the other tribes with different cultures and the big wide world - from jungle to the desserts.

In between he learns about his father and his role that is to not only save Evolet, but also to help all the other tribesmen who have been kidnapped as well by the make-believe gods, who were creating a huge pyramid.

Why Watch This Movie
For its stunning visual effects & cinematography. The top views at the mountains are stunning. And the visual make up of the pyramid is astounding and looks very real.

Even the scenes fighting the huge mammoths all seem very real.

Conclusion & Overall Rating
This movie has set high standards based on its publicity, but fall short on its rather simple & straight forward storyline. Still this is a good watch for movie buffs with time to spare.

2.5 stars