Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alvin And The Chipmunks, The Movie

The Chipmunks are back...! Yes, it's Avin...! Simon, Theodore... and of course, their 'single parent', Dave.

The 3 singing chipmunks (and talking ones as well), request to stay in with Dave. A 'budding' songwriter, Dave thought it was a good idea. In return of board & lodging and lots of mess at home, he will get them to sing for him, and hopefully launch his music career.

His unanticipated mischiefs of the trio ended him loosing his job, and they messing up his house. But in a rare encounter, he got them a recording deal which turned them into pop sensations, but which was then too big for them to handle.

By him not wanting a 'family', Alvin and the chipmunks left to stay with the recording company's boss. It was without their presence that Dave missed them, and then made a hunt chase for them. This indeed was a good comeback action, as they too were exhausted from their concert dates schedule & missed him too.

The mischievous trio of Alvin, Simon & Theodore makes this movie a nice watch, with them showing how energetic & fun life can be. Their 3 distinct characters are portrayed well here & gives the movie a good mix of lively characters.

This movie also has the special warmth moments by the chipmunks, especially Theodore making it appeal to both kids & adults, especially during this Christmas season. Also, one of the more interesting part is seeing the 3 chipmunks holding concerts with them taking center-stage!

Fans of the former TV cartoon series will most likely enjoy this animated movie as well. And though the chipmunks have 'grown up' in their dressings & looks to suite the 2000s, they still remain the same fun, happy-go-lucky chipmunks they were.

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