Friday, November 16, 2007

Bee Movie

When the main bee character, Barry, started to talk, it sounded so familiar I couldn't remember who it was, but I've heard that voice before... and it was not only the voice. Somehow, the bee seemed to represent someone in real life... yes, it is Jerry Seinfield, from the Seinfield sitcom.

Here, he voice-over a new graduated bee, who has to look for a job in the bee-hive, which is a job for life. He couldn't decide, as one, there were too many jobs, but more so he fancied seeing the world, out from the hive.

His eagerness lead him to meeting a lady whom he became best friends with, and were to later sue the humans for stealing honey & selling/ consuming them. With all the honey in the world now back with the bees, they had more than sufficient, and stopped working altogether. This creates the problem whereby the bees stop pollinating the flowers, and which then affects the human race (eg. no more flowers for sale).

Of course, then the task fell back to Barry to solve the problem, which in cartoon style, of course he did!

Done in a light hearted animation cartoon, this movie falls in line with Dreamworks style of more humour with some snippets of lil heart warming scenes.

It's refreshing to see Jerry take up this Bee role and it's a timely opening for the Christmas/ year end season. Nice for kids, families, and those who just want a break with humour and fun :)

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