Friday, September 5, 2008


Wall.E - Animation

walle, wall.e

Disney is back once again. Or more so, Academy Award winning director, Andrew Stanton, with his group of talented group at Pixar teams up to create this robot cartoon in the future.

Earth by then is only a waste land and people live on spaceships. Meanwhile, robots like Wall.E (whose full name is Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) is created to clean up the earth.

His daily routine brings him to find 'interesting' items made by humans - things that are common to us, but which amuses the robot. But nothing beats the special day when a space robot, Eve, comes to earth and stumbles him.

The story then revolves on these 2 robots trying to 'save planet earth' for humans. And of course, in between the romance of the robots build up.

Why You Should Watch This Movie
To see how a rather silent movie that goes with very little dialogue, and yet remains understandable. And it is interesting to see a romance between robots, set in a rather futuristic time, when robots control humans.

Why Not
If you have very high expectations on animation, this movie may not give the same all time high like Finding Nemo or even Monsters Inc.

Conclusion & Rating
One of the better animations to date, especially with so many animated movies coming out now. One for the whole family!

Walle Trailer

4 stars.

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wall E is 5 star

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