Thursday, July 24, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Movie

Synopsis (with info from Kung Fu Panda Official Site).

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The Kung Fu Panda movie revolves around Po (Jack Black), the 'son' of a bird noodle seller in a small village.

His father has plans for Po to take over the business someday soon. However, Po seems disinterested in it, and has dreams of becoming a kung fu warrior, despite having near zero experience in kung fu fighting.

But, true to animation style, there was an opportunity - when Master Oogway holds a competition to find the new hero to beat his old student-turned-bad, Tai Lung (Ian McShane),who is believed to be soon escaping from the tightly controlled dungeon.

Of course, the clumsy & inexperienced Po somehow managed to land himself this role, envied by the fellow kung fu mates, the Furious Five — Master Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Master Monkey (Jackie Chan), Master Mantis (Seth Rogen), Master Viper (Lucy Liu), and Master Crane (David Cross).

They were rather hostile towards him at first & do not believe in him being the savour, and especially so because they have been much more well trained in kung fu.

But, as the story unfolds, Po learnt a lesson that 'there is no secret' and that believing in oneself is the way to succeed. And so, with training, supervision & belief by Master Shifu (Dustin Hoffman), Po finally saves the day & beats Tai Lung.

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Why You Should Watch This Movie
1. This is a movie for both family (kids) & adults. The storyline is tight & yet it manages to have the right humour at the right time.

kung fu panda movie, master tiger

The Master Tiger

2. Wonderful animation. The kung fu fighting & kung fu forms are comparable to that of real life.
3. For its beautiful China backdrop throughout the movie from mountain views to the village.
4. Animation fans will be glad to see the great details that went behind to make this Kung Fu Panda movie so real.
5. Apart from the teachings of good triumphs over evil, the belief one has within is imparted as well. This seems to be the key message here.

Why Not
Though this animation movie still lacks behind some of the all time favourites, but it's hard not to like this movie. Can't think of bad points, but maybe that it may seem a lil weird a Chinese backdrop movie with Chinese characters all in English.

Conclusion & Movie Rating
A must watch for all animation buffs & movie goers who want authenticity, humour & action.

4 stars.

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Mockingbird said...

Impressive graphics :)

Patrick Roberts said...

still gotta see Kung Fu Panda... Jack Black is classic for sure, he'll be forever famous for his work in School of Rock